The Future? of the Adyar Theosophical Society


The Preethi Muthiah Letters

Tell A Very Sad Tale


Here are the letters written by Preethi Muthiah (and one reply)

to the Adyar Theosophical hierarchy and others at the time

of her dismissal from employment and eviction from her home.



This posting relates to

Disgraceful Treatment of an Adyar Employee



Profile of  Adyar from a Victim



Letter 1

24 may 2009

Dear Friends, fellow members, brothers and sisters of our little Theosophical



Almost a year to the date since the results of the controversial elections of

the TS were finalized mystery at various levels surrounds the whole episode. It

is my hope to bring to your attention certain facts. In my effort to do so, I

will be giving only my understanding of the situation and it is in no sense a

generalized opinion. I only place in front of all fellow brothers and seekers on

the Path as the TS gives it the facts as they are revealed to me.

1. A popular and well-respected President till the 2001 elections, Radha Burnier

faced a significant opposition in the recent elections of 2008 with her

principal co-officer and colleague (the then international Vice-President, Dr

John Algeo) retaliating against her legibility to stand for the elections for a

fifth term.


2. In the human body, what happens to it is the responsibility of the brain or

head because the brain is the principal or only decision-maker in the body.

Likewise, whatever is happening in the TS today is the principal and chief

responsibility of the President. It is responsibility she cannot blame on anyone

else, however hard she might try to do so.


3. What Dr Algeo and party did during the recent elections is a reaction to the

President’s “misrule” much as a vital body part or limb evinces symptoms of

disease when the brain feeds the body with wrong or poisonous food.


4. The major cause for Dr Algeo’s defeat during the last elections is, perhaps,

his ignorance of what I might term the “Indian mentality”. We are a

people-oriented people, which means that we tend to decide our loyalty by how

well we know the candidates in question. While Mrs Burnier is known to just

about every member in the Indian Section, we knew almost nothing about her

opponent, Dr Algeo. This knowing has got nothing to do with his academic

qualifications and accreditations, but rather with him as a person. Knowledge of

this attitude of Indians was known to Presidents like Annie Besant, for example,

who recommended GS Arundale to shift to India so he might interact with Indian

members before standing for the post of President, TS. To my knowledge, Dr Algeo

made no efforts to this end and received the result of a lack of effort on his

part to understand the people he had banked on receiving votes from.

5. The President in meting out the duties of her Office forgot and/or ignored a

major Law in the spiritual world, namely, that one is connected by closer bonds

to one’s co-workers in the spiritual work than to one’s blood relations. Thus

her prime and chief loyalty lies towards us who are her colleagues and

fellow-workers in the Cause rather than to blood relations who repeatedly

through their many moral and ethical inconsistencies proved their lack of

commitment to the work of the TS. Especially since the year 2000, her loyalty

has been evinced much more prominently towards her two blood relatives, Subha

and Uma Nilakanta, permitting the latter of these two relatives to outright

break the rules of the TS (please see Letters attached to this email) for her

convenience, and the former relative to insult and degrade the dignity of

fellow-workers, co-disciples and colleagues at the Editorial Office. Complaints

about the misbehaviour these two blood relatives engage in on a daily basis have

met with a wall of silence on the part of the President, who chooses to ignore

the complaint rather than to guide her blood relations aright or take other

action. In thus endorsing the misdeeds and misbehaviours of these two relatives,

she has been proving her disloyalty to Our Cause as stated in the Golden Stairs

given out by our Co-Founder, Madame H. P. Blavatsky, principally the step, ‘a

brotherliness for one’s co-disciple’. In choosing not to guide errant relatives

- here both spiritual or professional and familial, our President proves her

ineptitude and inability to follow the last step of the Golden Stairs, namely,

'a constant eye to the ideal of human progression and perfection which the

Secret Science depicts’.


6. Analysing the behaviour and actions of the President these past few years,

one comes to the understanding that she has forgotten that she is as much an

employee of the TS as I or any other worker-member of the TS is. She has taken

her functional leadership of the TS to mean that the TS is her property, and one

who works at Adyar especially is expected to give her the regard and rights

which are traditionally given to a “boss” of a privately owned company. But the

President of the Theosophical Society is only its functionary head, not its

boss. And we who work for the TS worldwide are her colleagues and co-workers,

rather than her employees. Thus, is our base equal, rather than hierarchical.

Being equal, our rights and duties are equal too; which means that we all have

an equal right to voice our thoughts, especially regarding the functioning and

future of the TS.


7. So, to clarify something for Dr John Algeo and party (as also those,

including myself, who voted for the President in the recent elections) the

reason Mrs Radha Burnier is unfit to fulfil the post of the President of the

Theosophical Society - a spiritual organization - is not that she is physically

or mentally unwell, but that she is morally inept, to put it mildly. Anyone with

even a little knowledge and experience of walking the Path would know that

having a strong and incorruptible character is essential to treading the Path. A

President who is blinded by her affection for her blood relatives and favourites

cannot be loyal to Truth, to Theosophy and everything the Theosophical Society

stands for.


8. Owing to her repeated failures and ineptitudes to fulfil the role as head of

a spiritual organization and her unwillingness to be open to other ways of

looking at the same goal, Mrs Burnier has now walked so far away from the TS and

its Objects that in order to be loyal to the TS, its Three Objects, its founders

(both Inner and outer) and to everything Adyar and the TS stand for, one must of

a necessity be disloyal to Mrs Radha Burnier, the President of the Theosophical



9. In view of all the points stated above, I hereby resign my membership of the

ES till such time Mrs Burnier is its Head, chiefly because: (1) I find Mrs Radha

Burnier - whose feet are weak and whose character corruptible - unfit to guide

me to the Higher Life and (2) I am unwilling to allow Mrs Radha Burnier to put

obstacles on my Path. I have enough obstacles of my own creation from past lives

to deal with. The obstacles Mrs Burnier puts on my way as on the way of all who

pander to her wishes include: (a) The obstacle of knowing that a wrong is being

done and doing nothing at all about it, which the Bhagavadgita tells us is a

greater sin in the eyes of God. (b) The obstacle of listening to her and her

“faithful” speaking ill of my fellow brothers in the TS, which goes against the

First Object of the TS. (c) The obstacle of helplessly watching Ms Subha

Nilakanta raping the dignity of fellow-workers at Editorial Office with her

mouth, all because she is the President’s favoured blood relation. (d) The

obstacle of feeling “superior” to fellow members just because Mrs Burnier

chooses to fill our ears with her judgements (gossip) about them. The gossip she

initiates so willingly has kept us divided through these years and this

election, because when there was a need for understanding, insight, respect and

love on the part of the functionary Head of the TS, the Head was busy shoving

off blame and initiating and encouraging gossip.


10. Also, I owe a duty to the universe of which I am a citizen. The duty to keep

it clean, pure, righteous and healthy at all levels to the best of my ability

and understanding; the sacred duty not to add to the suffering of fellow

creatures, but rather to work for their upliftment. The Theosophical Society is

the organization through which I seek to fulfil this sacred duty to the

Universe. It is through my fellow-residents at Adyar, my co-workers and members

the world over that I intend to learn how to put the well-being of the world

above my own, to learn how to love every human being and consequently every

creature who inhabits this universe. Working the way Mrs Burnier will have us

work, I realize I must have to participate in divisive, hatred-oriented,

competitive attitudes and behaviour towards those very people I seek to

understand and love. Working her way, I realize I must endorse and participate

in the corruption - whether in thought, word or deed - of the spiritual

atmosphere Theosophists the world over associate with Adyar, the Masters’ Home.

It cost me a lot of suffering at the hands of my conscience to sign (for the

Month of March 2009) as Deputy Superintendent, Leadbeater Chambers, the Credit

Bill made out to Mrs Linda and Mr Pedro Oliveira knowing fully well that I was

being thus forced to participate in injustice and unfairness towards the my

spiritual family at Adyar, TS. I have walked away from that post today, and

believe me, Mrs Burnier, I feel much lighter and happier today knowing that I

don’t have to endorse my signature on a corrupt document at the behest of Mrs

Uma Nilakanta, your favoured niece-in-law and Superintendent, Leadbeater



11. In saying all of this, I can allow Mrs Radha Burnier only two excuses. One

that she is a younger soul and thus her moral and ethical footing is not yet

firm and strong enough to withstand the trials and tests of the spiritual Path.

The second that she is made of weaker inner stuff, and thus the TS is merely

used as a crutch on which to lean and “carve a niche” for herself and hold on to

the power she so craves. Seeing this aspect - could we call this the

evolutionary aspect or the spiritual one? - I feel sorry for her plight and hope

that in the future her mistakes thus far will prove to be stepping stones on the

Path she treads and/or hopes to lead others on.


12. There is also another, perhaps more important, excuse I can give for her.

Through the example of her divisive and corrupt policies, she has taught us what

a member of the TS must not be, especially the Head of a spiritual organization

like the Theosophical Society. This knowledge will hopefully help us in the

election of the next President of the TS. For this we all, I at least do, owe

her our (my) gratitude. Thank you dear teacher, Mrs Burnier, for showing us by

the example of your functionary headship the pitfalls that are set on our Path,

the errors we must take care not to fall into, if we would truly live up to our

Founders’ (both Inner and outer) expectations of us in founding the TS.

13. Just as a matter of interest, she has a counterpart in the Indian political

arena since India’s independence from British rule in 1947. That political

leader’s name is Indira Gandhi. Both are women; both Scorpions. Both were

influenced in their growing up years by J. Krishnamurti. Both, once they had

achieved their aim of Headship, promptly forgot the teachings of that venerable

Teacher. Both of them were/are not open to criticism of their governance, of

other ways of looking at things, of difference of thoughts and opinions. Both

ruled the bodies placed under them (whether India or the TS) using divisive

policies. The Punjab and Sri Lanka issues were the brainchild of Mrs Indira

Gandhi. Punjab cost her her own life. Sri Lanka the life of her son, Rajiv

Gandhi. Subha Nilakanta and Uma Nilakanta are examples of Mrs Radha Burnier’s

moral ineptitude. They both together caused Mrs Burnier the recent elections.

Striking similarities these!!!


14. Attachments: (1) Letter to Mrs Linda Oliveira dated 24 February 2009

reporting to a friend the corruption of Adyar; in response to which Mrs Oliveira

thanked me for my honesty and then told me that she could not help in the matter

because her role in the TS today is one of looking after international

relations, but that she would do something about it if the opportunity for doing

so presented itself to her; (2) Letter to the General Manager (cc: The

Treasurer) reporting a faulty meter at Gujarati Quarters (Up) dated

approximately one month later; this matter was (as the Letter will show) dealt

with immediately because it had to do with Mr Ravindran, Superintendent,

Maintenance Department; and (3) Letter to the General Manager bringing to his

attention malpractices followed by Mrs Uma Nilakanta, Superintendent, Leadbeater

Chambers. Unable to deal directly with Mrs Nilakanta, the General Manager

forwarded the Letter to the President, Mrs Radha Burnier, the same afternoon. I

have received no reply to that letter in over a month. I take it the complaint

is being ignored.


15. Finally, I take responsibility for every word in this email, which is being

cc’ed to several of my friends and brothers in our little Theosophical family,

solely with the view of bringing to their attention the corruption being

practised and endorsed by Mrs Radha Burnier, International President, The

Theosophical Society, some of whom like me voted for her solely with the faith

that she meant well for the TS and cared for the future of Adyar and the

Theosophical movement. It is my hope hereby that each of the recipients of this

email might be able, at their end, to do something to bring back a spiritual

atmosphere to the heart of the Theosophical movement, Adyar; for, if the heart

becomes impure and corrupt, eventually that corruption will spread to all the

limbs of the TS worldwide ... and that would indeed be a sad day not just for

the TS but also for the universe.


With concern over the future of the TS.

Fraternally yours,

Preethi Muthiah


Letter 2


24 February 2009

Dear Linda,

Welcome to Adyar. Also, all the best. I look forward to working with you.

Without beating around the bush, this letter is to bring to your attention a

couple of points, which, I hope, once you settle down into your new role, you

will look into.


The first one concerns the Maintenance Department. At Gujarati Quarters (Up) -

which is where I live - the meter has been faulty almost since the time I moved

in as a result of which I have been grossly undercharged for electricity. I have

brought this to the attention of the various Heads of the Department and the

General Manager over the past three years to no avail. They are yet to install a

new meter; moreover, no one from that Department comes to take a Meter Reading

and the bill states 'Door Locked’ as a reason to not charge me the correct



The second one concerns Leadbeater Chambers. As per the rules, every member who

resides at Adyar is charged on a daily or monthly basis. When they are out

touring other cities, if they choose to retain their room during their absence,

they are still charged the full amount. This rule is followed for every member

(non-member and worker) except for Mr Colin Price and Ms Cornelia Crowther who

retain Room no. 28 throughout the year for no charges at all. Their personal

belongings are stored in the Room, so we do not let the room out to other

visitors who wish to stay at Chambers. Annual visitors generally pack their

belongings and leave them at the Office to be stored in the basement godown till

their next visit. Per the rule we follow for all members, they owe us quite a

lump-sum for the retention of the room to date (excluding the charges they pay

when resident at Chambers). This anomalous practice has been followed since July

2007 with the full consent of Mrs Uma Nilakanta, Superintendent, LBC.

I trust you will look into these matters when time permits you to do so.

Warmest regards,



Letter 3


29 March 2009


Mr S. Harihara Raghavan

General Manager

The Theosophical Society

Adyar, Chennai - 600 020

Dear Mr Raghavan,

This is to bring to your attention certain malpractices followed by the

Superintendent of Leadbeater Chambers, Mrs Uma Nilakanta, in the running of the



As per the rules, every member who resides at Chambers is charged on a daily or

monthly basis. When they are out touring other cities, if they choose to retain

their room during their absence, they are still charged the full amount. This

rule is followed for every member except Mr Colin Price and Ms Cornelia

Crowther, who retain Room No. 28, LBC, throughout the year at no charges at all.

Of course, they pay these charges when resident at Adyar. Their personal

belongings are stored in the Room rather than in the basement of LBC, which is

what other annual visitors to Adyar do leaving their belongings with us at the

Office to be stored in the basement until their next visit. This exceptional

practice has been followed for the couple since July 2007. The monthly sharing

rate at that time was Rs 5500/- per person and this rate was valid till March

2008, after which the monthly sharing rate was raised to Rs. 7000/- p.p. The

couple was resident at Adyar from December 2007 to February 2008 and again from

6/12/08 to 6/1/09.


I trust you can estimate for yourself the amount that the couple owes the TS for

retaining the room throughout the year, were we to charge them as we do other

members. I confess that I did not bring this to your attention earlier because

the anomaly of it did not strike me till quite recently, and since then I have

spent much time pondering over how best to broach this sensitive topic.

The second matter is a recent introduction by Mrs Nilakanta as regards Carrier

charges. She has decided to waive the carrier charges for Mrs Linda and Mr Pedro

Oliveira when they need to have a carrier for lunch. To my knowledge this rule

is not applicable to anyone else, who will be charged - as they have always been

- for a carrier when we make the Credit Bill for the month.


I inform you about these matters with much regret, because one does not like to

see corruption existing, practiced or encouraged in an organization, the

President-Founder of which was Col. H. S. Olcott, who rose to eminence and was

appreciated for his honesty and fight against corruption existent in the then US



I trust you will look into these matters. I am available for any clarifications

you may need in this regard.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Preethi Muthiah

Deputy Superintendent, Leadbeater Chambers

The Theosophical Society, Adyar, Chennai - 600 020





Letter 4





29 March 2009


Mr S. Harihara Raghavan

General Manager

The Theosophical Society

Adyar, Chennai - 600 020

Dear Mr Raghavan,

Subject: Consistent failure to rectify a faulty meter


It is approximately one year now since I brought this to your attention last and

having waited thus far and found that nothing has been done to change the state

of affairs, I am again bringing this matter to your attention.

Last year, sometime around now, after your intervention in this matter, the

electricians from Maintenance Department came to Gujarati Quarters (Up) - which

is where I live - and checked the meter, found out that the meter was faulty,

and promising to replace it went away. At present (as for the past two years or

so), I am being charged a bi-monthly electricity payment of Rs. 10/-, which I am

sure you will agree, is approximately what would be the rate for 1 unit a day.

The faulty meter continues to function faultily; no electrician comes to check

the meter, even though I am at home almost every day between 12 noon and 2:30



I trust you will look into this matter again and do the needful to ensure that

from now onwards at least I pay the proper electricity charges, as do all

resident-workers on the Estate.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Preethi Muthiah

Gujarati Quarters (Up)

The Theosophical Society

Adyar, Chennai - 600 020

Cc: The Treasurer





Response to Letter 4



1 April 2009

Response from the General Manager to the above Letter

The Maintenance Department                                                      


Please find enclosed a copy of the letter dt 29.3.09 received from Ms. Preethi

Muthiah. The complaint is genuine. The meter is faulty. Kindly substitute the

existing meter with a fresh meter which can be purchased. Please arrange to

check all the meters, if so required, by engaging a specialized person. We

cannot afford to allow faulty meters which will cause much complaint from

residents. In addition we may be caught unawares by the Tamilnadu Electricity

Board officials and may be penalized heavily, not to speak of the loss in


General Manager



Letter 5

6 June 2009

Farewell and Gratitude, Mrs Radha Burnier

Dear Mrs Burnier,


1. First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me the privilege of

working at Adyar for these many years, even though our difference of motives has

been evident since 2001. It is ironical indeed that when I left in 2001, I went

out fighting for myself and today I am being asked to leave because I am

fighting for everything the TS stands for.


2. Secondly, I would like to thank you for giving me the privilege of watching

you at work making the mistakes you made. They say there are only two ways to

learn: one by making mistakes oneself; the other by watching others who make

mistakes. Your teaching of me has belonged largely to the latter category,

though there were some positive ones too. Like the dignity of bearing you so

evince in everything you do. Also, the way you work come well, come ill. In the

years before 2001, you were also my constant guide and teacher on what needed to

be matured in me. Your inspiring speeches, the way you deliver them. The

simplicity of your outer form. These are lifelong lessons I will carry with me.

3. Thirdly, thank you for being my friend in disguise. If there was one thing

you could do to ensure that my fellow brothers and sisters of the Theosophical

Society would know the truth in the allegations I have made against you in my

earlier email of 24/5/09, you have willy-nilly eased the process. To clarify, I

sincerely admire the alacrity with which you took action to ensure that I am no

longer a worker at Adyar, even though what I was demanding in the letter to the

General Manager has to do with the welfare of Adyar and the TS, while your

relative Mrs Uma Nilakanta continues to hold the post of Superintendent,

Leadbeater Chambers, two months after the original complaint against her was

made. Your alacrity (less than 24 hours!!!) in deciding to prevent me from

working at Adyar has proved that you no longer care for Adyar, but only for your

blood relatives, Subha and Uma Nilakanta, both of whom are even now installed in

their official positions at Adyar, despite their disloyalty to Adyar, the TS and

the Theosophical Cause; albeit they both are “loyal” to Radha Burnier, while I

am not because I intend to be loyal only to the TS, and to Col. Olcott like

whom, I am also fighting against corruption, and to HPB like whom I am also

fighting against gossip, favoritism and such other divisive policies of Mrs

Burnier, for it is from the example of Their lives that I found the courage to

take the stand I have taken thus far.


4. I would also like to set on record the Exit Interview conducted by the

General Manager, Mr S. Harihara Raghavan, for me on 25/5/09 at around 11:00 am,

in which he discussed the two matters addressed in the Complaint Letter against

Mrs Uma Nilakanta. To the matter of waiving carrier charges for Mrs Linda and Mr

Pedro Oliveira, he mentioned that there was some Rule that allowed such a

facility to the four principal international Officers of the TS, namely,

international President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. When I asked

him why it is that this rule was not mentioned at all for the one-and-a-half

months the complaints were pending at his/your desk, he said even he was not

aware that such a Rule book existed till the morning of 25 May 2009. As to Colin

and Cornelia having the privilege of keeping a room at LBC for no charges at

all, he said after all the room was empty: why can’t they keep their stuff

there. I would only say then that the same rule should be applied to everyone

who stays at LBC; or at least to those who are its annual visitors. So, just to

ensure equality of privileges and fair treatment to all members of the TS, for

example, Dusan Zagar need not rush on 31st December of any year to pack up his

stuff and leave it at the Office of LBC. Let him also, among others, have the

privilege of leaving his stuff for the rest of the year in the room he stayed

in. Likewise the same privilege ought to be extended to other annual visitors

like Ursel Geruschkat of Germany/Spain, Gerard Brennan of Australia,

Tran-Thi-Kim-Dieu of France, Wies Kuiper and Els Rijneker of the Netherlands,

and several others. You will, I am sure, realize that were such a Rule to be

passed, eventually there will be no room free at LBC for non-annual visitors and

members. As to charging no fee at all for room retention at LBC to the English

couple, equality of privileges must be meted out here as well. So, Erica and

George Georgiadis of Greece need not pay for their room when they are out

visiting other cities during their stay. Ilona O’Bierne and Sergio Weigandt of

Germany, Gerard Brennan of Australia, Elene Watts of South Africa, Eduardo

Gramaglia of Argentina, Priscilla Murray, Om Kamra and Ella Rajni, Mary and

Richard Sharpe of Canada, Alexandre Rozenwald, Enide Borges de Resende, Fernando

Gramaccini and Antonio Carlos of Brazil, and many other visitors to Adyar who

stay at LBC and during their stay here, visit Thiruvannamalai and other such

cities retaining their room, but from whom all we have in the last year(s) taken

money for that retention. The validity of this claim is that they work as hard

for the Theosophical Cause as does the English couple. Why must these privileges

be accorded only to Mrs Nilakanta’s “friends”?


5. I know that in my fight against the corruption of Adyar and the TS you are so

good at effecting I have the support of all my Teachers, past and present. To my

brothers and sisters in the EST against whose freedom to think for themselves

you are soon going to be issuing a private circular, the final draft of which I

saw in my brother, Pedro Oliveira’s hands on Saturday, 23 May 2009, I have only

one thing to say: Try not to sell your soul to the Head of the EST. It would not

be worthwhile. Find the courage within you to fight against the coercive methods

the Head uses in order to ensure that you will never raise a voice against

whatever she does to Adyar and the TS worldwide, if you want to be a member of

the EST. No Head of the ES has the right to take away from members who join it

the freedom to think, to grow and to express their soul’s full potential, which,

however, for some strange reason, threatens the integrity and sense of security

of the Head. I am aware of the full implications of that draft, Mrs. Burnier,

and thus chose to take a stand against you, in my earlier email of 24 May 2009.

I never thought you could step to the low level of resorting to Blackmail using

your Headship of the EST to get away with whatever you have done to Adyar and

the TS movement in 29 years of Presidency, on the one hand, and to reinstate

your unquestioned authority over the TS, on the other.


6. To use an analogy, the methods you use - namely, gossip, intrigue,

corruption, favoritism, blackmail, manipulation of others’ weaknesses - to run

the Theosophical Society,  are the methods Lord Voldemort uses in the Harry

Potter Series to enslave Death-eaters, rather than the love-, respect- and

understanding-filled ones Prof. Dumbledore uses to run Hogwarts, the School of

Witchcraft and Wizardry.


7. With all your defensive words now onwards you may succeed in cheating some of

my friends and brothers, but the final analysis is that Mrs Radha Burnier can

never cheat Life.


8. As Harry Potter tells Voldemort in the last book, Harry Potter and the

Deathly Hallows, I am here asking you, Mrs. Burnier, “Try for some remorse.” It

might just save you even now. Mr. Harihara Raghavan told me during the Exit

Interview to have compassion for your age of 85 years. When the Mahabharata war

was fought, Bhishma Pitamah was a hundred years old. Mrs Burnier still has 15

years to get there. Anyway, I am trying my best Mrs Burnier to be compassionate

to you and asking you to feel remorse … You owe the TS and all its members an

apology. We were all yours till a few years back. What did you do or fail to do

to lead us today to take the step to rise up against you? And what Mr Harihara

Raghavan does not see is that in my acts of criticism I am being compassionate

to you. I am giving you a chance to do something differently to save your name,

your soul, its evolution. I am today asking you the questions Life will ask you

in your final moments, but then it will be too late for you to do anything about

them. The ones who are not being compassionate here are Mr Harihara Raghavan and

the entire staff at Adyar, who are willing to bow down to your demands rather

than point out the right way to do things to you - an unkindness and

unrighteousness for which they, as did the 1000 Kauravas and the “wise” Drona

and Bhishma in the Mahabharata, will meet their just desserts.


9. To Mr Harihara Raghavan who threatened to leak out the portion about the

comparison I made between Indira Gandhi and  Mrs Burnier in my last email

(24/5/09) to the current political party ruling India and Chennai, I have some

things to say: First, were I to care for my temporal body as much as he does,

there would have been no email in the first place for him to threaten me with.

Second, isn’t my main fault in this whole episode that I care for the welfare

and continuance of Adyar and the TS more than I care for myself or any post that

the international President may accord me? Today, Mr H. Raghavan is trumpeting

for Mrs Burnier perhaps because he has his eye on the post of International

Secretary which she has promised to give him. Third, if it is written that Mr H.

Raghavan has to have the horrible karma of getting Preethi Muthiah behind bars

for speaking the Truth, Preethi Muthiah is willing to comply with his wishes. It

might be, Mr Harihara Raghavan, that the “criminals” behind those bars will be

more open to the Theosophical message than the literate eggheads pretending to

be Theosophists resident in Adyar today, caring for nothing except posts, power

and authority and using every form of gossip, slander, games, manipulation,

corruption, etc. all in order for them to “secure” their position at Adyar.

10. Lastly, you are entitled to know that you have not the privilege of stopping

Preethi from working For Adyar and For the TS. You can only stop me from working

in Adyar. Adyar is Preethi’s soul; the TS my blood and being. Wherever I go in

the future, the essence of Adyar and the TS will go with me enshrined in my

heart, my being, and my soul and spirit and blood and body. It is something you

cannot rob from me, Mrs Burnier.


11. Warmest regards once again for being that friend in disguise who through her

immediate dismissal of Preethi Muthiah from the workers of Adyar has proved that

Radha Burnier cares more for her corrupt relatives - Uma and Subha Nilakanta -

whom she even today retains on campus at Adyar, than she does for the health,

continuity, purity, sanctity and spirituality of Adyar, the TS and the Cause of

the Masters of the Wisdom. You have proved that you are so blinded by your need

to have authority that you are willing to misuse and abuse the Headship of EST

and to blackmail its members and aspirants into bowing down to your abuse of the

TS unquestioned once they have signed that “Form of Fealty” to you. Of course,

you might end up never sending that Letter to individual members of the EST

after the receipt of this email, which, Mrs Burnier will be a blessing in

disguise for eyes like yours that do not see yet past your ambitions and needs

to the inner implications of your crime against your own soul and its evolution.

Remember, Mrs Burnier, you and your kin cannot cheat Life.


12. Mrs Burnier, you remind me of a story I read sometimes as a child - might

have been from the Panchatantra. In this story, a king surrounded himself with

his worst enemies because he did not have the openness to accept criticism and a

difference of opinions from his own. Eventually, all the well-wishers who would

point out the king’s mistakes were asked to leave the kingdom, and the king was

left with all his trumpeters and yes-ministers. None of these ministers would

raise a voice against the king, because each of them had a stake in the kingdom.

Some were power hungry, some were too feeble, some had not the courage to raise

their voice against the corruption they knew was seeping into the kingdom and

face the consequences of the courageous act. Then a king from the neighbouring

country sought to attack the kingdom of this foolish king and none of the king’s

band of ministers cared or dared to warn him, knowing either that they would

lose the king’s favour or, on the other hand, be banished from their temporal

possessions in the kingdom. In the story, the king loses the war and is beheaded

by the enemy king. I am waiting to see what happens to you, Mrs Burnier, for the

last voice that would raise herself against you and have the courage to

criticize your ways is leaving Adyar soon. Are you going to give a different

ending to that fable, seeing as you are surrounded by your worst enemies today.

Look around you, Mrs Burnier, and see how you have managed over the years to

surround yourself with: (a) those that seek power of being “someone” in a small

community as the TS; (b) those that are feeble and have nowhere else to go and

so will never raise their voice against you; (c) those that have become immune

to your misuse and abuse of Adyar such that they don’t even see that a wrong is

being committed and the future of Adyar and the TS is at stake; (d) and those

who have much to say against you behind your back but don’t have the courage to

face the penalty for the courageous act of openly and honestly criticizing you.

None of these will come to your aid when “your ship finally sinks”. None of

these will raise their voice against you to criticize you or guide you or point

out your mistake, but these will also be those who will do nothing when your

Presidency is threatened. In fact, one can expect Nandan, Subha and Uma

Nilakanta to push you down if that pushing will help them save their necks.

Ironical, isn’t it that the ones who could save you are the ones you have

estranged from yourself and the ones who will drag you down are the ones you

have surrounded yourself with?


13. In ending, I would like to bring to the attention of my fellow members and

brothers and sisters of the TS worldwide, that in Adyar today, two TS’s exist.

One HPB’s and HSO’s TS whose motto is “There is No Religion Higher than Truth”

and another RSB’s TS, whose motto is “There is No Religion Higher than Radha

Burnier”. Preethi Muthiah is leaving RSB’s TS, and walking into HPB and HSO’s

TS, for which she will work all her life. RSB’s TS is currently on the brink. I

hope to see some or all of you in a future TS that will be imbued with the

spirit of fraternity and oneness - two things sorely lacking in the current one,

which is TS only in name and where brotherhood - as the Masters of the Wisdom

defined it - has ceased to exist.

Warm and fraternal greetings to one and all,





Letter 6

June 16 2009

Dear Mrs Burnier, it occurs to me that ...

Dear Mrs Burnier,


I have left your Adyar to you, moved out at a day's notice from Gujarati

Quarters (Up), and moved out at a week or so's notice from the Estate you cling

to ... now in my quiet retreat insights pour in ... thought I would share them

with you ...


It occurs to me that had you the detachment I have had towards Adyar, there

would be no fear in the TS today ... there would have been no need for the games

you play to ensure your authority is unquestioned ... You would have loved Adyar

as a trust given to you by Life. Isn't it your attachment that is at the root of

all the problems you have had to face in the past 9 years especially; the 9

years filled with countless tears of humiliation from Subha Nilakanta's many

victims; from Uma Nilakanta's many malpractices against her Office at Adyar?


I wonder if you have started to feel remorse for your misdeeds, whether done

directly or through your favorite - sorry to use the term, but there is no word

for them - watchdogs, Uma and Subha Nilakanta.


It occurs to me that someone like you who has never said "sorry" and has used

her authority as President to get away from her hurtful words and deeds would

perhaps not know what remorse means ...


Try, Mrs Burnier, to put yourself in the shoes of Mr G. Naganathan whom you

blamed based solely on the words of Sushama Sreenath (now Sushama Webber) and

Subha Nilakanta without even considering it necessary to give him the chance to

defend himself - a privilege that every court of law gives to even the deadliest

criminal. How do you think Mr Naganathan felt at that moment when you were busy

blaming him for no fault of his? And do you know Mrs Burnier, that was the day

you set the course for the end of the Editorial Office - a fully functional,

productive Editorial Office of 2000 is now an Office where virtually no

publication takes place, except The Theosophist (the major work for which has

been taken care of by workers from other departments for now 7 years). You ought

to read the Panchatantra once again for guidance during this time in your life.

And the Panchatantra would clearly tell you that where honest, diligent,

committed, loyal workers are degraded and the dishonest, disloyal, uncommitted

workers are encouraged, that organization is set on the path to doom; where the

abusive are put on top, while the gentle and meek are trodden upon, no good can

come of that organization. But in your Editorial Office, abusive Subha Nilakanta

has ruled the roost for almost 10 years now, while every committed worker who

had the misfortune of working "with" her has moved on, been asked to leave,

blamed, or undergone severe stress and hurt at the inhuman way in which they

have been treated by Subha.


Again, try Mrs Burnier to feel the pain that my sisters, Juliana Cesano, Ayelet

Haschachar, Idarmis Rodriguez, Leonie O'Rourke,  Lusia S., Geetha Jaikumar,

Jayendran, Meera Naik, Meena, and Sushama Sreenath (yes, the very same one who

came back to work for the Editorial Office in 2005 and then promptly fell sick

and was perhaps the only worker who took so much of sick leave in three years

because of stress and indignity at Subha's mouth - I also understand that at the

time of her leaving she and Subha were "good friends") must have felt when they

were treated like "dirt" so that Subha Nilakanta could feel "superior" and



Try, Mrs Burnier, to feel the pain my grandfather (for he called me his

granddaughter - naati), Dr C. V. Agarwal, must have felt being trodden right,

left and centre by Subha. He has a heart condition you know? And he is old,

committed and has been loyal to you and is loyal to you even today? Is this what

Mrs Burnier has to give to people who are loyal to her? But, Mrs Burnier,

loyalty, like everything else, is a two-way process. We give you our loyalty;

you need to return the same to us in equal measure. We give you our trust; you

betray us.


When you can feel the pain of each of these and countless other not-mentioned

brothers and sisters who for the first time realized that the President of the

Theosophical Society, Mrs Radha Burnier, initiates gossip about them, when you

can feel their pain, the hurt, the betrayal of the trust they placed in you,

when you can feel with your whole being the piercing cry of your conscience as

it awakens to the knowledge of your ruthlessness, then Mrs Burnier, you will

know what remorse means ...


Some people on "your" campus of Adyar told me that after leaving Adyar I must

forget everything that has happened. Sure, that would be easy. But what they do

not realize is that Adyar is dying today ... of corruption and old age ... and I

have no intention of letting the Cause of the Masters of the Wisdom to be

murdered by Mrs Radha Burnier, the only corrupt President of the Theosophical

Society. I trust you and the readers of this email can understand what happens

to the body when the heart becomes sick and dies, and this young member of the

TS feels concern today for the future of the movement which she thinks ought to

survive into the coming centuries.


Some say my words to you are very strong. Yes, they are. And they are so because

they are intended to shake you out of your slumber and the path you have chosen

for the TS today, which is at variance with the Path the founders (inner and

outer) chose for the TS. They are strong today because when they were gentle,

you paid no heed. When they were given out by every single person who has

suffered at the mouths of your two "watchdogs", you paid no heed. So, today,

Life has no choice but to give out strong words through this, Her disciple whom

you know as Preethi Muthiah.


I will keep in touch, wherever I might be, as long as I am on the physical







Letter 7


25 June 2009

Mahabharata Replayed in the TS

Dear Friends,

One would never imagine that in a place where the motto is: "There is no

Religion Higher than Truth", there would be a Mahabharata taking place, but the

fact is that we do have a Mahabharata situation happening in the TS at the


Draupadi: Adyar and the TS.

Duryodhana: Mrs Uma Nilakanta (the malpractitioner).

Dusshasana: Ms Subha Nilakanta (the chief verbal rapist).

Dhritarashtra: Mrs Radha Burnier (here the blind queen).

Bhishma Pitamah: Mrs Linda Oliveira (who knows that a wrong is being committed

but does nothing to stop it, going in her own complacent way).


Shakuni Mama: Mrs Helen Jamieson (chief spy of RSB, always trying to find out

which way the air blows and will give you just that much information about Subha

Nilakanta and family as to incite you to gossip, so she can later fill up the

President’s ears).


Dronacharya: Dr CV Agarwal, Dr A. Kannan, Mr N. Muthuswamy (have much to teach

everybody, but too complacent to do anything at all when a wrong is being done.

They generally remain silent.)


Sanjaya: Mr Pedro Oliveira, Mr S. M. Umakant Rao and Mr Shailendra Agrawal (both

of whom are at the moment the chief email receivers and thus serve as Mrs RSB’s



Arjuna: Preethi Muthiah (who could see nothing but the wrong and aimed her arrow

at the centre of the storm, the blind queen, Mrs RSB) and has been carrying on

this war against corruption and inhumanity since 24 May 2009.


Mr Harihara Raghavan, one of the many brothers of Duryodhana and Dusshasana who

is under the impression that he is important and does not see that he is being

manipulated and controlled by RSB. He uses threats with Preethi in order to be

loyal to RSB, but forgets that he has chosen the losing side, the wrong side,

for in being loyal to temporal unrealities like RSB he has forgotten that he is

being disloyal to the Truth and such other eternal verities.


What happens Now in the TS, especially Adyar is that Mrs RSB has surrounded

herself with her worst enemies - people who are either incapable of speaking the

truth, correcting her or, on the other hand, who might have the courage to do so

but for the fact that they are unwilling to pay the penalty for their honesty.

So the next time, Mrs RSB commits a blunder, there will be no one to point out

the wrong and injustice to her. What happens to such an RSB? Isn’t she doomed

rightly as Karma takes over and settles some old scores? The TS of RSB and Adyar

of RSB are sinking. This ship is all set to sink, because everyone with the

wisdom to see has been shifted out of Adyar today. And what of all those who

kept quiet or chose to take the wrong side (RSB’s side)? They have to pay their

own penalties, too. As we know from reading the Mahabharata and especially the

Bhagavadgita, the Lords of Karma spare no one the justice they deserve. The

First Chapter in the Bhagavadgita in fact tells us about the Yoga of the

Attachment to Inaction, the same inaction which members worldwide and General

Secretaries and Federation Secretaries have been engaged in for the past one

month now since 24 May 2009.


So contrary to Mrs Burnier’s words to my mother, Mrs Radha Muthiah, on 25 May

2009, it is not Preethi who is going to face the repercussions for her Action,

but RSB who is going to face the repercussions for her many injustices,

incidents of torture, endorsements of corruption and psychosocial rape,

involvements in power politics and blackmail, manipulation and



All the Best, Mrs Radha Burnier and co.,




Letter 8

15 July 2009

[No Subject]

Dear Friends [Please ensure you show this email to Mrs Radha Burnier],


I am now truly homeless and trying to find my feet in the world. As I go on my

journey, I look back to my 16 years at Adyar. The journey has been fraught with

pain, humiliation and debasement of many kinds; a journey which has seen many

ups and downs, but I realize today as I stand in my new position that I truly

thank my lucky stars I am not Mrs Radha Burnier's blood relative. How sad indeed

for Subha and Uma Nilakanta that they make mistakes and Mrs Burnier does not

correct them, thus robbing them of their opportunity to evolve, to grow into the

human beings they are born as ...


I was at Adyar for one week and that being Mrs Burnier's personal property, I

was allowed to visit with my mother for one week only. And that too on a warrant

of silence, such that I was forbidden from communicating with my friends for the

entire period I would be on campus. So thank you Mrs Burnier for giving me the

freedom. After 16 years, Preethi can express herself freely. And you know what,

Mrs Burnier, my skin has started to heal of its own accord ... because now I

have the freedom to express myself without any fear of rejection that I went

through at your hands and at the hands of your pets, Sushama Sreenath, Subha

Nilakanta, Uma Nilakanta, Juliana Cesano and Pablo Sender. There is no one now

to tell Preethi what a horrible girl she is, that she is a threat to Sushama and

must not express herself. There is no one now to make Preethi feel that she must

not live in this world with a smile on her face and love in her heart ...


You always had a problem with my expressions, didn't you, Mrs Burnier? It was

always Preethi who did wrong. I agree it was my karma partly that needed to be

balanced, but since 2006, that karmic opportunity was abused by you. And since

then They trained me for this day, for 24 May 2009. Today wherever I am at, I

feel Their Presence strongly in my life, guiding me, protecting me ... and

showing me what to do.


Are you aware Mrs Burnier you lost? You have been defeated, not by Preethi, but

by Life. You could not corrupt Preethi, you could not make out of her the

game-playing youngsters that pepper the TS today ... you could not make out of

her a dishonest, gossip-monger who would bring you itsy-bitsy details of other

people's lives ... you could not make her immature, competitive, cut-throat ...

All your politics, the torture, the pain, the humiliation, they only served to

make me stronger in my faith in Life, in the Divine.


Have you seen the July issue of the Theosophist Mrs Burnier? It is filled with

errors, your niece Subha Nilakanta who claims to be a copy-editor did not catch.

I hope Mr Ramu showed you all the corrections I made on it ... all the errors I

caught. Now I hope you understand why Subha has a problem with everybody who has

been to that dept to work - being inefficient she cannot take having efficient

people around ... but you appreciate inefficiency don't you mrs Burnier?


So you failed Mrs Burnier. You could not convert me to your ways ... Life has

won over you.


Sincere commiserations,





Letter 9

18 July 2009

I forgot to mention ...

Dear Mrs Burnier,


Trust you have started to feel regret, remorse and all those growth-oriented

feelings. Some things I forgot to mention in my last email to you:


Did you see the latest issue of Wake Up India? The contents page has a big

blunder on it. Your name is mentioned for the Editorial Article while the

article was written by Mr Surendra Narayan. Of course, the article has his name

on it as does the 'About the Author' section, but how could your Editor, Dr

Geetha Jaikumar miss such an obvious error? I now know why Dr A. Kannan thought

that I had written irrelevant things in my initial emails to you.


Actually, do you know there are common definitions for everything you do? For

example: Putting your name on someone else's hard work is called Plagiarism.

Geetha Jaikumar and Subha Nilakanta have been putting their name on Preethi's

hard work. Of course, you endorse their plagiarism, don't you?


Threatening people with imprisonment so that they will not speak the truth and

be dishonest is called Hooliganism or in Hindi, Goondagardi. That is the usual

language spoken by Mr S. Harihara Raghavan, General Manager, TS.


Using fear to rule people is called Dictatorship. That is the behaviour you

follow with Federation Secretaries, General Secretaries worldwide.


Following one rule for Pedro Oliveira, one for Uma Nilakanta, and one for

everyone else is called favouritism.


And in the July 2009 issue of the Theosophist you have also lied openly Mrs

Burnier. In Theosophical Work around the World, you mention that Mrs Linda

Oliveira attended the 2008 Convention as international Vice-President. That is a

lie, Mrs Burnier, because Mrs Oliveira did not attend the 2008 international

Convention. She was admitted in Isabelle Hospital along with her husband, Mr

Pedro Oliveira with a bad case of Chikungunia during the entire period of the

international Convention. They did not get back from hospital till 5 January

2009, much after the Convention period is over. Remember, Mrs Burnier, your pets

Pedro and Linda did not even get to address the convention gathering, even

though their speeches were ready and waiting at the Editorial Office.


In fact, when you illegally appointed Mrs Linda Oliveira early in November 2008

as IVP, the machines at the Editorial Office put up a strong fight. The Nova

Sheet printer converted itself into a house for thousands of ants. It was an

issue filled with breaks, gaps, problems and obstacles of every kind.


And now see how, Mrs Burnier, "Theosophists" can no longer have the privilege of

having their bodies exhumed on campus of Adyar. Dr Agarwal had his final rites

not on campus at Adyar, as past deceased Theosophists have had, but outside the

campus at Besant Nagar Electrical Crematorium, and C. Malathi's father at

Thiruvanmiyur Electrical Crematorium.


Why I am bringing all of this to your and other members' attention is because

you can kick out Preethi from her home Adyar, but you cannot fight the Forces of

Adyar, the Forces of Nature and the Force of Life, who are all stronger than you

or all your cronies put together will ever be.


It is time for you to step down from your post Mrs Burnier and to allow younger

blood and younger generations to lead the TS, someone more spiritual than you

are; someone more Theosophical, united than you are.


I was shocked to read your Watch-Tower Notes in the July 2009 issue of the

Theosophist, where you stress so much on Brahminism as being the criterion for a

person to be accepted as a chela. So finally in your declining years, shall we

say you have come back to your element and now are intending to practise

casteism in the form of offering chelaship to brahmins by birth? And who would

be your most preferred candidate - Subha Nilakanta or Harihara Raghavan?


This is, indeed, shocking from someone who claims to be a 3rd-generation

Theosophist. Shocking not only because of the casteist-flavour of your

statements in the Theosophist, but also because one would expect that the head

of the EST would know that chelaship or being a vehicle for the Masters of the

Wisdom has got nothing to do with birth but more to do with the quality of the



Recipients to this email/message, welcome to the Brahmanical Society of Mrs

Radha Burnier, who fraudulently addresses herself as the President of the

Theosophical Society.









Dave Marsland


Posted March 15th   2014



Dave’s Theosophy News Board


Contact Dave Marsland





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No Right To Complain

Well, what can you expect in an organisation where

the leadership regards the membership as ballast


Doubts about the integrity of the election

are left unresolved, rendering the result invalid.




President’s Inauguration

A Private Function

Elite Welcome

The Ballast now know their true status



Pray Silence

While the President Creeps into Office



It’s Silence as Usual

By the Adyar Theosophical Society ruling elite.

No hurry to prove the election result

But a real hurry to get the president installed



Who Can Support

The Leadership Now?



Shut Up & Pay Up

The Adyar Theosophical Society has become

a multi-level marketing operation





Doubts about the election result will

make the President’s job impossible.



Adyar & the US each have

Half a President



The White Lotus Hi-Jack

President uses White Lotus Day

as a personal platform.

What was the inauguration for?



Don’t Anybody

Ask Me Anything

That’s the clear message from the

International President to the members.




Is this the

Great Wheaton Rip-Off?

Questions now arise over allocation of Wheaton

resources by a two job president



Why Did

The 2014 Election

Go Ahead?

The General Council was confronted with considerable

evidence that the election was bent but just stood there

and let it go ahead.



Should Members Recognise

Tim Boyd

as International President?



A Leadership at War

with the Paying Members

of its Own Organisation






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Теософическое Сообщество

"Нет религии выше истины!"

The Theosophical Community
"There is no religion higher than truth!"






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